Poskom VET-20BT Portable X-ray


Product code: VET-20BT

The Portable X-Ray Generator that works with you, wherever you are!

The Poskom VET-20BT portable X-ray unit is the lightest and most compact generator on today's market. It is newly designed with an innovative micro engineering and battery technology for equine veterinarians, especially for female doctors, its weight is only 6.8kg.

With its dual laser alignment system, the VET-20BT is the lightest, smartest and most durable X-ray unit in the portable market. The new software controller makes the most difficult equine radiographic imaging easier by only taking one exposure without retaking a film repeatedly.

VET-20BT battery X-ray unit is integrated with Wireless sync. module (optional for DR) which is facilitated by Radio-Frequency (RF) communication device.

The Poskom Vet20 BT delivers:

Lightweight—only 6.8 kg!

Small size—only 36 x 20 x 17 cm

Freedom of use—powered by a high capacity lithion-ion polymer battery, no 240V power necessary when using in the field or in the clinic!

Zero clutter—no power cables makes it safer to use around the patient and less hassle for you

Wireless—with the optional R/F module, the Poskom Vet20 BT can be interfaced wirelessly to Eklin DR Units, making cords between generator and DR plate obsolete!

Long-life battery usage—around 300 x-ray exposures can be made per battery charge— batteries recharge 3.5 hours approx.

Point and shoot—Poskom Vet20 BT can be programmed with your favourite settings, removing the need to adjust the exposure controls with every use

Taking X-Rays has never been easier!