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PowerLite MK III


Product code: PFA1001


PowerLite III is a fully portable, battery-operated light source designed to magnetically attach to the upper incisor plate of an equine dental speculum. PowerLite III uses the brightest Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology currently on the market. Its compact, water-resistant design makes this product the most reliable, durable and convenient light source available to practing veterinarians.

The light can be concentrated on any area of the mouth by simply positioning it on either side of the upper incisor plate of the speculum. The power pack, with its carbiner, can be clipped onto the cleat of the Powerfloat dental halter and the flex cord leading to the light easily extends to the upper incisor plate of the speculum. Alternatively the carbiner can be attached to the nose band or the side straps of the dental speculum.

PowerLite III eliminates the need for cumbersome head--mounted or handheld lights, giving you a freely mobile, high-intensity light source to clearly illuminate your work space without significantly reducing the opening between the incisor plates. A tool such as this also aids veterinarians in educating horse owners about the benefits of equine dentistry.

Product Info:

New focusing optic for improved illumination Luxeon LED lighting technology 20% smaller light body (30% narrower) than the MK II 4 X stronger magnet design "locks" the light in the desired position 25% less batteries (6AA batteries, rechargeable) Stylish soft case with carabiner for quick and secure mounting Fully adjustable positioning Illuminates entire mouth for easy viewing from any angle Water and corrosion resistant design Includes speculum adapter plate for non-ferrous speculum incisor plates



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